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Welcome to the Synaptic Trust.

We are a learning community which creates chances for dreamers, idea makers and innovators to connect, thrive and outperform.

Upcoming Events

West Thornton Primary Academy

  • 12th February 2020
    Year 1 Trip to London Zoo
  • 13th February 2020
    Last Day of Term
  • 14th February 2020
    INSET Staff Training Day
  • 17th February 2020
    Half Term Holiday
  • 24th February 2020
    School Opens

Forest Academy

  • 23rd January 2020
    Swimming Year 3 Group 1
  • 23rd January 2020
    Basketball Club for Years 5 & 6
  • 28th January 2020
    Indoor Athletics for KS1
  • 28th January 2020
    Homework Club for Years 3 to 5
  • 28th January 2020
    Art & Craft Club for Years 4 & 5

The Woodside Academy

  • Sorry - there are no events listed for your selected diary.

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